All dinners are served with fries and homemade cole slaw.


Fish & Chips (Haddock)…$16.50
A mild white fish lightly battered & fried.Fresh Clam Strips…$17.95
Fresh tender ocean clams from local waters.

Rhode Island’s signature dish of tender¬†rings with cocktail sauce and hot chopped cherry peppers.

Fresh Whole Belly Clams…$24.95
Whole clams selected for their large flavorful bellies.

Fisherman’s Platter for Two…$29.95
Our famous huge combination of strips or whole bellies, scallops, shrimp & fish.

Fried Shrimp…$21.95
The finest and most savory shrimp.

Fresh Sea Scallops…$24.95
Sweet sea scallops deep fried until perfect.Chicken Fried/Grilled…$16.95
Fresh and flavorful boneless breast of chicken.

Twin Lobster Roll Platter for two…$29.95
100% genuine lobster meat. Choose hot sauteed in clarified butter or cold mixed with mayo stuffed in 2 New England style rolls.

Two-Way Combo…$24.95
Choose 2 of your favorite deep fried seafood items.

Ahi Tuna and Shrimp Cocktail Plate…$18.95¬†
cold smoked ahi tuna medallions alongside a dozen cocktail shrimp served with cocktail sauce, tartar, lemon and homemade cole slaw.


Juniors and Seniors (children 12 and under)

Served with fries & beverage.

Fish & Chips…$8.95

Grilled Frank…$7.95

Fried Chicken…$8.95

Clam Strips…$8.95

Hamburger/Cheeseburger(Quarter Pound)…$8.95

Grilled Cheese…$6.95